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Welcome To Brendan Mc Crossans e-books

7 ways to have peace of mind and heart-unread

{1}  "7 ways to have peace of mind and heart." Learn how to have peace in a troubled world.

your real life is in heaven

{2} "Your real life is in heaven."  christians believe they will go to heaven when they die, that is not true! they are already seated in heaven right now

DSCF1316 you are to go into all the world and preach the go a church without healing is dead you cannot be defeated by satan if-ver 2 your not a failure! You just made a few mistakes.

{3} "You are to go into All the world preach the gospel heal the sick."

Jesus told all the body of christ they would heal the sick find out more

{4} "A Church Without Healing Is Dead." if there are no healings and miracles happening in your church then your church is dead!

A time of terrible darkness is coming As he is so are we in this world CANCER AND GOD are you guilty or not guilty blessings- god where the hell are you

{5} "You cannot be defeated by Satan." once you have been through a terrible darkness, you know that Satan cannot ever defeat you any more.

{8}"Christian who are unaware that they are in spiritual Idolatry." in a time of marching bands, both republican and loyalist, Idolatry reigns

{10} "Do you know the blessings that belong to you?"

Most christian do not know the amazing blessings that God has provided for us, do you?

{9} "Are you guilty or not guilty." when you stand before God are you feeling guilty or not guilty of offending him?

{7} "God where the Hell are you?" Have you ever cried out to God where the hell are you, in this book he answers your questions.!

{6} " You are nor a failure you just made a few mistakes. Christians get up again and move on, your not a failure. Satan's lying to you!

{13} "A time of terrible darkness is coming!" God gave us a warning through prophecy after prophecy, but we never realised the devestation that Satan was about to unleash into my families lives.

{12} "As he is So Are We in this world." this is an awesome statement from the Word of God, it is telling us that as Jesus was and is -so are we!

{11} "cancer and God!"  This book explains that cancer is not from God and neither is any sickness or disease, and a prayer for healing is included!

This website is designed to Give Glory to God and to Praise the Holy Spirit who inspired me to write these books. all Glory belongs to Jesus, Father God and the amazing Holy Spirit without whose inspiration I would never have written these books.




Christians living in Ireland read book's 8 and 90

scroll down using the text box


It may make you aware why healing aren't happening in a large scale" in this country. and why some bad things happen to us.



the armor of god

{14} "The armor of God!"  Christians think they have to put the armor of God on every day this is not true, you are supposed to have the armor on every moment of your life, by faith, Learn about the armor from God's viepoint.

Christians who are unaware they are living in Idol

Insert body text here ...


Every Christian should pray for the sick, and see healing and miracles,

Book {105} Book {106} teaches you how to receive your healing!

Thank you for reading my books, may you be blessed like I am in the learning God has given me through them.

Always check your own bible, against what I teach; never take a mans word, man can be deceived, but the word of God is never wrong. Some Bibles differ in translation. use BibleGateway.com for different bible choices, it is a great bible resource.

b[email protected]


mobile  +44 7907235413 need prayer, get in touch


me playing the guitar behind my back, top of my head and behind it and also back to front

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Reverence for God is almost forgotten or explained Things we see 17 little books in one big book