page 5 books 83-100

Photo; Swan Park Buncranna, Donegal, Ireland 2008

{84} "Spiritual warfare God's way" this book teaches us how to fight the good fight of faith, God's way!"

{85} "What price heaven?" The price of heaven was the death and ressurection of Jesus christ.

{86} "Why is it so hard for us to believe God?" Christians find it hard to believe God yet when the Devil tells them something they believe it, even though he cannot tell the truth

{87} "Words a Christian should never say!" there are just some words that a born again believer should never say!"

{88} "The End Times, what christians should know about the end times"

{89} " let there be no divisions in God's Church - his body. there should never be divisions of any kind in the church of God the christian church

{90} " The Power of Forgiveness."  Christians don't realise the power there is in forgiveness, forgiving those who done wrong in the past, "our ancestors" Because of our ancestors wrongs, what they done affects us now in this present moment, read how to end Satans control over you and your family."

{91} "Worry!" That great destroyer of Faith.". worry is an evil spirit learn how it and others work in you the christian

{92} "The Loving Gift Of Guilt" I was amazed when the lord showed me that guilt was a loving gift from him, before that I thought of it as something terrible to have. "The truth will set you free!"

{93} "The Burden Of Youthful Sins" God's children are living under the burden of youthful sins, sins they commited with themselves or others, and are carrying around that guilt for years, get rid of it today, Jesus came to set the captive free.

{94} "Humility, Part of the new nature in us."   Humility is what moves god over and above everything else.

{95} "Healing by the Holy Spirits power." All of us think Jesus could heal because he was God, that is not true he could heal because the power of the spirit was upon him. just like the power is upon us also.

{96} "You have every supernatural gift and power of the Holy Spirit." christians think they don't have the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit!" this is not true they have EVERY GIFT AND POWER, read it and see for yourself the truth.

{97}"The grace of God is already yours!" christians believe they have to keep asking for Grace to do this or that but most don't understand they have already been given that grace and blessings and every supernatural gift from God.

{98} "Christian! are you fighting God, unknowingly." Do you know that you may be fighting with God concerning his law, - you are if you are criticising someone

{99} " So I said to myself, I am going to quit complaining." Christian, you need to read this book, if you want to walk in the wonder working power of God, as complaining stops that power from working