{121} If you are not helping Jesus you are hurting his cause, are you a christian that is just sitting doing nothing to further the cause of Jesus christ, then read this book and see what Jesus says about you

(122) 'Look at whose company you are keepıng.' you wıll be surprısed by the company you are keepıng daıly. and ıts great to know thıs. a one page book wıth dynamıc revelatıon.

(123) 'behold i am wıth you always.' yes that means exactly that. he ıs wıth us always.

(124) why are people turnıng to the occult ın droves? ıts because the church of Jesus chrıst ıs failing them and should be ashamed of its self.

{125} "Following the truth of the Gospel." people follow many things but do they follow the truth of the Gospel ,

{126} " Dont criticise and speak evil about others." God says in his word not to criticise and speak evil,{negative} things against others. Sadly I have been guilty of this at times, but trying my best not to say something negative when everything in me says to criticise, because I am angry. Do you criticise people?

{127} "Whatever a person is like, I try to find common ground with them so they will let me tell them about Christ." sharing Jesus with people is easy as long as you do not cause upset or arguements which brings no one to Jesus but turns people off

{128} "Gifts Never Opened." christians have recieved supernatural gifts from a loving Heavenly Father and some just point blank refuse them, others never open them and play with the box instead just like a little child. have you opened your gifts yet?

{129} "Godly instructions for the married couple." Read what instructions God gave for the privacy of the bedroom or kitchen or dining room, learn the freedom you have in God's relations ship for you and your partner.

{130} "Some reasons people give when they won't or don't come to God." people have genuine reason for refusing to come to God to let them selves be saved here are just some I have heard

{131} Why am I obsessed by healing?" My reasons for always going on and on and on and on about healing to everyone.