Book 325----''The worlds sin is this''---John 16-5-Living Bible (TLB)
7 but the fact of the matter is, that it is best for you that I go away, for if I don’t the Comforter won’t come. If I do, he will—for I will send him to you.
8 “And when he has come ‘’he will convince the world of its sin,’’ and ‘’of’’ the ‘’availability of God’s goodness,’’ ‘’and of deliverance from judgment.’’ 9 The ‘’world’s sin is ‘’unbelief’’ in me;’’ ----Many people imagine that sin is doing something wrong, something forbidden, something like stealing, homosexual behaviour, adultery, lying and many other types of sin, and they are ‘sins’ but these ‘sins’ will never separate you from God for he knows we all sin, and sometimes cannot help it, but the sin he is most concerned about is the ‘’sin of unbelief.’’ We were born into sin because of Adam and Eve’s sin of disobedience, but Jesus paid the price for that sin on Calvary.

Book 326---''I said you are gods, sons of the Most High God''---Psalm 82:6 New International Versions
“I said, ‘‘you are “gods”; you are ‘’all ‘’sons’’ of the ‘’Most High.’’

‘’God said this in his word, and he is the one who called us ‘’gods,’’ not us; ’’do you believe that you are what God called you? Do you believe that you are what he said you are, ‘’gods?’’ Sons of the ‘’Most High God’’ or do you actually call him a liar? By saying I can’t believe this, it doesn’t seem to be right to call yourself a small god, it’s like blasphemy, to actually say about yourself, ‘’I am a small god,’’ created by Almighty God my heavenly father.

Book 327-''-Has salvation been preached the wrong way around?''-Who do you think you are I asked myself the other day to even think that salvation has been preached the wrong way around for centuries, or is it just in the churches here in Northern Ireland, I do not know how other Born again churches approach the word of God when they are talking about what Jesus did for everyone. Here in Derry where I live the churches preach salvation only, Jesus dying for their sins, and then they give an altar call, and that’s tremendous, but for me they leave out what else Jesus done for mankind.

Book 328 ---''Reverence for God is almost forgotten or explained.'' During some of the worship services I attended I seen people talking, swapping phone details, or using their phones to text one another, and I saw one woman playing games on her phone, others passing out sweets, or talking, and some standing with their hands in their pockets, and this was through the worship, and it grieves me seeing this as I want to be in touch with God through the worship as best as I can, and this also distracts me from my giving him worship.

Book 329------''Things we see and do not see, 17 little books in this one book.'' these little books will amaze you what God can do for you through his word, that is if you know it. here I am trying to show you the things that the Holy Spirit has shown me over these last few years and months. may you be blessed in your reading of these little books and may your spirituasl life change forever. God Bless you. Brendan

Book 330,, without faith you cannot please God ........Without faith, it is impossible to please God. The word of God teaches us that without faith, it is impossible to truly please God. What are we to do, for I sometimes wonder do I have faith in God at all, and that is some statement saying this after all the miracles and signs and wonders that I have experienced given to me by God?

Book 331....What exactly happened on the cross...The truth is that on that cross at the exact split second that Jesus hung there and died,
something awesome happened for you. Your spirit was instantly CHANGED taken into
heaven by Jesus, in his spirit, and this happened before you died or even accepted what
really happened on that cross, for instance did anyone ever tell you that you became a
‘’New Creation,’’ a ‘’new Creature?’’