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Book 314'' ''The forgotten Gospel, the suffering of Jesus''
It was just recently at the church I go to who do not truly believe in healing, that it struck me as the music ministry sung about the cross, {‘’as I survey that wondrous cross’’} and that cross was wonderful indeed, ‘’our salvation’’ was accomplished there, and it is a remarkable thing to think that as Jesus hung on that cross he bore all our sins; and there were many of my sins on his spirit being paid for that day. It was while the music sang about the cross that it struck me, they don’t sing about the ‘scourging at the pillar’ where all our ‘’sickness and diseases’’ were paid for by Jesus also.

BOOK 315--John-19-30-The Way Bible
When Jesus had tasted it he said, ‘’it is finished,’’ and bowed his head and dismissed his spirit.

‘’Three little words,’’ and those three words have saved the world from hell. I am so saddened by the fact that the gospel is not being preached by ‘’every born again Christian’’ that has been instructed to go out into this entire world and preach the gospel. There is not one Christian that has been excused from preaching the gospel and if they are not preaching the gospel then they are in disobedience to Jesus; and to God the father. ‘’Jesus’’ said these words’’ in Mark 16, go into the entire world and preach the gospel

BOOK 317 ''God says versus man says''.Matthew 6:33-King James Version
But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and ‘’A-ll’’ ‘these things’ ‘’shall be added unto you’’ these are just a few of the scriptures that God says he done for you.
I am covered with his love-Eph 1-4
I am chosen by him -God-to be his own-Eph-1-4

I am baptized into union with Christ-Galatians 3-27

I have therefore received Christ-Colossians-2-6
I am in union and conformity to him –Jesus –Colossians -2-6
I know that God made me like him-Genesis-1-27
I know that as he God is so am I in this world-1-John 4-17

Book ''318 ''--''When we die; where do we go to, the grave until Jesus returns or where?''---Ephesians 2-4-Living Bible (TLB)-We have been lifted up ‘’from the grave;’’ that means that you will not lay in the grave in your body waiting the end time, but that you are already spiritually changed. When God raised Jesus from the grave he also raised us up with him, and he seated us in ‘glory’ in the ‘heavenly realm:’ ; and lifted us up from the ‘grave’ into ‘glory’ along with Christ, where we ‘’sit with him’ in the ‘heavenly realms’’ you will not lay in a grave waiting until the end of time but are already seated in heaven with Jesus

Book 319 -''Is there mercy for the paedophile?''...Today as I was reading through a local newspaper I noticed there were a lot of men being jailed, or charged with abuse, even towards their own daughter’and grandchildren, and it made me feel saddened at their behaviour, and later on I had to repent of my feelings at these men. Then that night while laying trying to sleep, some men and women that Rose and I prayed with over the years in our healing ministry came to my mind, and how they either abused, or were abused, and the devastation that was left behind because of a selfish sexual act. And I thought of Jesus and what did he think of these people who did the abusing, would ‘’he forgive them?’’ then I remembered that Jesus died ‘’once,’’ and for ‘’all,’’ for ‘’all’’ have sinned, and your sin or my sin is no less than theirs before God. there is mercy even for the paedophile.
Romans 3:23-Living Bible
Yes, all have sinned; all fall short of God’s glorious ideal;

''Book 320.'' ''Building up the kingdom of God, by tearing ours down.'' The other morning as I lay awake praying I kept thinking about the kingdom of God and thinking, ‘’I need to tear mine down,’’ and focus on ‘’just one kingdom’- ‘’his.’’ I never realised that I had built my own kingdom over the years doing things I wanted to do, instead of doing what the lord wanted me to do. Are you like me have you built your kingdom not his?

''Book 321,'' I was viewing a Christian mans website where he says ‘’everyone will be saved;’’ he didn’t believe that anyone would ever be sent to hell by a loving God, and that after a period of time everyone would get into heaven, but let’s see what Jesus says about this, is everyone going to get to heaven?
Mark 16 King James Version (KJV)
15 And he said unto them, Go ye into the entire world, and preach the gospel to every creature, 16 He that believeth and is baptized ‘’shall be saved;’’ but he that ‘’believeth not’’ ‘’shall be damned.’’