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Book 314'' ''The forgotten Gospel, the suffering of Jesus''
It was just recently at the church I go to who do not truly believe in healing, that it struck me as the music ministry sung about the cross, {‘’as I survey that wondrous cross’’} and that cross was wonderful indeed, ‘’our salvation’’ was accomplished there, and it is a remarkable thing to think that as Jesus hung on that cross he bore all our sins; and there were many of my sins on his spirit being paid for that day. It was while the music sang about the cross that it struck me, they don’t sing about the ‘scourging at the pillar’ where all our ‘’sickness and diseases’’ were paid for by Jesus also.

BOOK 315--John-19-30-The Way Bible
When Jesus had tasted it he said, ‘’it is finished,’’ and bowed his head and dismissed his spirit.

‘’Three little words,’’ and those three words have saved the world from hell. I am so saddened by the fact that the gospel is not being preached by ‘’every born again Christian’’ that has been instructed to go out into this entire world and preach the gospel. There is not one Christian that has been excused from preaching the gospel and if they are not preaching the gospel then they are in disobedience to Jesus; and to God the father. ‘’Jesus’’ said these words’’ in Mark 16, go into the entire world and preach the gospel

BOOK 317 ''God says versus man says''.Matthew 6:33-King James Version
But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and ‘’A-ll’’ ‘these things’ ‘’shall be added unto you’’ these are just a few of the scriptures that God says he done for you.
I am covered with his love-Eph 1-4
I am chosen by him -God-to be his own-Eph-1-4

I am baptized into union with Christ-Galatians 3-27

I have therefore received Christ-Colossians-2-6
I am in union and conformity to him –Jesus –Colossians -2-6
I know that God made me like him-Genesis-1-27
I know that as he God is so am I in this world-1-John 4-17