books 286-

Book 286 "If the "kingdom of God is within" then why do we look up when praying"
we christians have been decieved for centuries; the enemy wants us looking up to the sky; when God is within us; it is in knowing that the ''Godhead'' -''Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,''-- is within us that fills us with supernatural power and authority, and the enemy does not want you finding this truth out, for it terrifys him to see you know the truth, for this truth sets you free.

Book 287- ''Speak forth'' this book is the most important book I have ever written, it has taken me over six months, for God has given me great revelation of his word in this book. He has been teaching me to speak forth the truth of his word and he has shown me how to speak effectively with power and authority and I have seen those things that he showed me working easily and with divine power.

Book 288 ''what does it mean to truly forgive.'' I was shocked to discover that my forgiving others did not go as deep as I first believed then God's spirit showed me the truth regarding really forgiving someone who hurt you.

Book 289'- ''We have been preaching the Gospel wrong for years.''we have been preaching the Gospel wrong because we preached as if something was going to happen for us instead of preaching that everything has already been done for us by Jesus, in fact we now have every grace and blessing all power.

Book 290, ''Speak to the bones'' As I lay in bed this morning the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, ‘’Speak to the bones,’’ When I began to write on this subject; the lord said, ‘’speak to the bones’’ and at the same moment the thoughts came to me to learn more about the human body, so that I can command healing to the affected area for the glory of God, not for man. Then I remembered that Ezekiel was told to speak to the bones, so I got my bible out and turned to Ezekiel -37-4 Again He said to me, ‘’Prophesy to these bones’’ and ‘’say’’ to them, O you dry bones, hear the word of the Lord. What I learned when studying the human bones amazed me

Book 291 ''was God so vindictive that he planned to send Judas to hell?''... A question often asked by Christians and non Christians alike, where is Judas In hell, or somewhere else. This is not a subject that I intended to write about, because it is so controversial among people, and especially among Christians. But the more I didn’t want to write on this subject the more that scripture entered my mind and I seen something new in this subject. I believbe that you will be shocked by what you read in this little book!

Book 292, ''Having done all- stand, '' Stand where, is a question I often wondered about, what should we be doing while standing, and the answer to that is ‘’resisting the enemy’s attacks;’ with the word of God in our mouths; we stand exactly where we are, refusing to accept the devils illness diseases or suffering or pain and as I read the following scriptures it came to my mind that I am supposed to ‘’stand’’ in ‘’the place of highest privilege.’’

''Book 293'' Have you ever given thought to what size is the ''Name of Jesus'' when you are confronting sickness and disease; read this to give you a new eye opener.

Book 295'' ''Power of positive speaking''----You shall give an account for every ‘’word you speak,’’ not for what you think but for what you say.--------Matthew 12:36-Amplified Bible
But I tell you, on the Day of Judgment men will have to give account for every idle (inoperative, nonworking) ‘’word they speak.’’

Did you know that you will have to stand before God and give an account for every idle word that you speak out of your mouth on the Day of Judgement? It seems strange that you will not have to give an account to God for every thought that you thought; even though it is the thought life that pollutes.