what size is your God

"book 276" "Emine and Daisy the miracle dog"God answers prayer no matter what that prayer is for, if it is sincere then he will of course answer it. Poor daisy a little dog belonging to my daughter was run over by a car and her spine and vertrabrae were crushed, her eyes were forced out of her head and her brain was swollen, prayer went to God

book 277" What size is your God? As I lay in bed trying to get in touch with my God, these words were spoken into my mind. “What size of God do you have?” I was surprised by this question, and began dwelling on it, and couldn’t come to terms with the question, because my God made this world and his Son Jesus came to earth as a man, and a ‘’man sized God,’’ is what dawned on me, is the size of my God,

book 278" ''The Unused gift of the Holy Spirit'' I know of no Born again Christian who believes and says that ‘they have the power to forgive sins, that is except the priests in a Catholic church, who believe that they are standing in a position of Jesus in confession; but the scriptures say ‘’we’’ the spirit filled believer, have the power to forgive sins.
This is the first gift we have received from God’s own Holy Spirit and it is not recognised as an actual gift. There are many who would argue that it is not possible for us to forgive anyone’s sins, and it is only God who can forgive sins not man.

book "279" This little book is not a book as such but is a teaching you where to find scriptures that say ''you are in union with christ Jesus,'' union meaning to be joined together as one person.

book ''280'' '' God's mercy outweighs his judgement against you.'' People are condemned by pastors and other church leaders because they see their sins as large sins or small sins. there is no difference in the size of sin; you could be a murderer, an adulterer, or a thief, and could have stolen a pound, and yet you have broken the law as far as God is concerned, there is no size limit on sin; sin is breaking God's law no matter what a person done. Yet read how his mercy outweighs his judgement against you.

book ''281'' ''God is usually blamed for sickness or disease or disasters but who is really to blame? ''So many people turn away from God because they believe that he sends sickness and diseases and disasters on them; and Christians are no different in their thinking either. People think that if they believe in God he would be a killjoy, he wouldn’t want you out having fun with your mates, and that you would have to go to church and all that stuff. God is not a killjoy, like any dad he likes to see you having fun and happy. Others say, ‘there is no God,’ ‘I don’t believe in him’, and they are talking crap; for God said, ‘you will know that I am God and that I exist;’

book ''282''. '' I just asked Jesus into my heart, now what?'' ''The guarantee''
When a person asks Jesus into their heart that means they are guaranteed to get into heaven because of Jesus suffering and death on the cross on Calvary, for on that cross he somehow or other supernaturally took all your sins from the beginning of your life to the very end, and he guarantees that he will get you into heaven. This means that you are ‘’saved.’’ For a Catholic that sounds like a protestant thing, it is not, it is a Bible thing, a Biblical promise from Almighty God; and he now calls you 'his own children.' First I will show you the scripture in God’s word that guarantees you getting into heaven.

Book "283" Place the axe to the root of the tree ; healing the roots of our problems." Roots ;
Deep down inside of us are roots that are the source of many of our continual problems and God has shown me a way to deal with these roots, these roots from a bad tree, one that doesn’t produce or produces bad fruit, and now I am going to take you through what he showed me so that you can do the same and be set free, Jesus came to set us free and he used many different ways to do this. there are many roots inside of us and it is best to ask God to show you which root needs to be cut out.