books 268-

"268" "actually everything belongs to you." Christians do you know that god has actually given you everything you need, from salvation to prosperity, its time you started living as God intended.

"269" The sevenfold spirit of God." this book is teaching you that christians need to ask God for this gift from his Holy Spirit, it is his sevenfold spirits within him; Jesus had this on him when he walked on earth during his ministry, and we also should be seeking this from God's Holy Spirit also, read it and see what you have been missing. God wants us to have everything, all power and gifts and blessings!

"270" "Binding and loosing what? " In the first scripture God says what ‘’you’’ bind on earth is bound in heaven and what ‘’you’’ loose on earth it will be loosed in heaven. Did you notice anything here in this scripture, it says what ‘’you’’ loose, 'not what God looses,' it is up to us the children of Almighty God to go into our treasure house, that storehouse and release what belongs to us, because actually everything belongs to us, and God will not withhold any gift from us, because he has already given it to us and we must access those gifts by faith. loose what belongs to you now and bind the enemy away from you now.

" 272" "THE GLORY CLOUD" If a man or woman comes into the presence of God, then that man or woman will not want to leave that presence for hours on end, time would be meaningless. To be in the presence of our lord and saviour is an awesome place to be in and I have been in that presence and there was no way that I would cut short the visitation from God. I would rather stay in the divine presence all day rather than go and sit and watch television or do something worldly.

My heart is saddened by the lack of worship and praises the Christian world gives to their Father God; it’s as if they don’t realize who it is they are worshipping or even praying to.

" 273" "My agreement in the sword of the spirit."....Because Jesus said “behold I give you power to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy” I can boldly confess with my mouth His word. I can also confess with my mouth in agreement with the sword of the spirit, {the word of God} and God’s word spoken from my mouth is the same as his word spoken from his mouth, we are two in agreement, a double edged sword. He says in his word {sword} on one side, and I agree with his word and speak in agreement with his word on the other side. Because “Jesus took my sickness and bore all my diseases,” I am healed” and “he gave me power over all the power of the enemy,” therefore I can confess, {say} both words in agreement with his word and in this little meditation of scripture I am confessing both ‘’power and healing,’’ and not in any particular order;

"274" When a person gets saved they receive an awesome inheritance. ''Writing this book and some others have almost cost me my life, I almost died from heart attacks and other injuries, but Jesus gave me a word when he appeared to me in a vision, and saved me each time; and I will share that in another book but this is the first book I have written in over 7 months.
Love is the most emphatic ingredient in this book, the love of God for us; when I talk of all the wondrous things that our Father gives to us at the moment of salvation, I am talking of love, deep drowning love, a love so deep we human beings have no actual comprehension of what it really is. But as you go through this little love letter from your Father to you; sharing his thoughts and plans for you in high definite areas of anticipating amendment;’ his love will drown you in real energy, a definition of proof of true love. We humans think of God as unreachable, someone so far removed from us he seems to tower above our humanness, widely separating us from the creator of all that exists;