books 268 --

{261} " We are being changed from Glory to Glory." do you know and understand how we christians are being changed and who is doing the changing. Did you know that Jesus is praying for you, read this little booklet and see the truth for your self.

{262} A life untold - my walk with Jesus." Before you read this little booklet there is something that I would like to explain, there is no way that I did anything to deserve anything God did or done in me or through me, he is responsible for all the supernatural events recorded in this book it is written for his glory not to exalt me. I was just the result of his love and mercy and grace.

My son Declan asked me one time to write my life’s story, and he meant my past life which he knew was not a very good one, I was a former terrorist before I met the lord and when I met Jesus all my sinful past was removed from me, and I became a new creation, made in his image by God alone,

{263} "Jesus has already healed us, is he telling the truth? " This book is the longest book I have undertaken to write; I have placed my life in the hands of Jesus who has healed me and you. I stopped taking 21 heart tablets, diabetic tablets, and many other tablets a day including pain killers. I seen in scripture that Jesus took my sickness and bore all my disease and the disease on my body now belongs to the devil and do not belong to me. They were a replica of the origional sickness I had, that Jesus bore on- and in his body. Our real diseases were placed on Jesus body on the cross, God has shown me what every Christian should know concerning their health and healing. I ask those Christian with long term diseases or sickness and pain to read this book. and I ask that every genuine Christian rto read it and see what they should be doing regarding sickness and disease and the words they say out of their mouths and the effects they have on your physical body and spirit.

{264} "Partakers in the Heavenly Calling." God has placed a heavenly blessing on us his children; he has honored us by calling us to partake in his own heavenly position; he decided that he wanted us to partake, and the word partake means to, participate, share, contribute, involve yourself in, play a part, assist, and join in. The word share means to split between two or more people, to go halves. To contribute means to add something to it; to have a say, to donate something. God wanted us to contribute something to our heavenly calling, sharing with him in this call; when you consider what he has done you realize how important you are to God’s plans, he decided to do things that includes your input.

{265} " Christian leaders we have compromised with evil." The Christian church has compromised with evil in regard to miracles and healing and especially healing. For thirty seven years I have preached 'Jesus took our sickness and bore our diseases and by his wounds we are healed'- I-Peter -2-24'-- yet I have compromised with evil – I did not believe and obey God’s word and put it into action, and in effect I compromised with evil, {the devil in other words.} I didn’t realize this until recently, so it was never intentional for me to compromise, and it is not the intention of Christian leaders either ,but sadly we have all compromised, and as you know compromise means I have assisted the devil unknowingly and others Christian leaders have also, when we taught, ‘’take your medication’’ and stand on the word? How can we stand on the word when we have placed our trust in medication and in effect ‘’placed medication over and above the word of God.’’

{266} "Healing reoccurring nightmares." are you or someone in your family experiencing reoccurring nightmares? then this little short book can help you if you do as it says. Is there someone in your family that has died and you just can't get them out of your mind, then do this. it is simple and effective.