Books 204 - 213

{204} "It is he who will supply all your needs; A wonderful promise from God."
God says he will supply all your needs yet he did not supply mine sometimes. Are you having simlar problems in receiving from God his promises? Then in this little book I can show you how to recieve from God every time. Theres just a little story first to explain

{205} "I don't want your offerings - I want you to know me personally." in this book God is pouring out his feelings to us, he is telling us he just wants to be loved. He wants us to come closer to him so he can pour out his blessings of love upon us. If you never knew God had feelings for you read this.

{206} "Healing of bad relationships, or healing of sexual abuse." in this little mini book, there is healing available for those who have had one bad relationship after another, and there is also healing for those who have been sexually abused.

{207} "Are you trying to find favour with God by what you do or don't do?} Then you are wasting God's time and your time. You are already in favour all the time if you are a child of God, come in and have a sit down and be in God's favour forever, welcome to his throne room.

{208} "You are an Heir to the kingdom of Heaven" God has placed great power and authority in the hands of the believer, and he has placed his own kingdom, the kingdom which you share equally with Jesus and your brothers and sisters. God has said in his word that you are kings of life, and that you are standing in the place of highest privilege in heaven, and that you are seated in the heavenly places and you are not even dead;. This is for now today that you have been given God's own kingdom to use for his glory. learn your status, and walk boldly, and confident before the throne of God.

{209} "Jesus didn't heal anyone, the Holy Spirit in him did." This may sound terrible to say that Jesus didn't heal anyone when we see the New Testament filled with all his healings and miracles. Christian friends you need to look at the word of God again, and you will see that in fact Jesus did not heal anyone but he told everyone the Holy Spirit in him was the power by which he drove out demons and healed. And he did this to show to us the future believers that we have the exact same Holy Spirit in us waiting to heal and deliver through us. read the book for a further understanding.

{210} " Twenty-one things you received from God when you received righteousness. " This little book reveals to you just twenty-one things that God has given to you at your salvation, the time of your righteousness. God has given us his children many more things than just these twenty-one things but I always say look for the other things in your bible yourself, and you will be astonded at what you find.

{211} "Heart to Heart with God." God wants us searching for him to have a heart to heart conversation with us. he desires that we spend time searching for him earnestly. seeking him for himself and nothing else. See how we can have a good Heart to Heart with God.

{212} "You have been comissioned to preach the gospel, and to heal the sick." what part of that message from Jesus do you not understand? I feel so saddened when I meet Christians and they have no ministry and they do nothing in church, every day is the same as the day before, nothing new or exciting, yet Jesus said to every beleiver to go tell {preach} the good news to your friends or family everyone in your world around you, heal the sick by laying hands on them and see Jesus name heal.