{195} "Christians plant Righteousness" this is a command from God to Christians, they are to go out into this world and plant righteousness, the righteousness of God. this is the fourteenth book on Righteousness that the Holy Spirit has had me write on, share these books with other christian or non christian friends and you will be planting righteousness in their lives

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{196} " From thy words thou shall be Declared Righteous" '

If you think it doesn't matter what you say, what harm does it do,' you are wrong, you will be judged by every idle words you speak on the Day Of Judgement. so be careful that you don't agree with Satan's words and make God out to be a liar, Righteousness is in your mouth, you have to speak it out.

{197} "A thief was the first person to get into heaven," There is hope for everyone if a thief could be the first person into heaven after Jesus died, there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus and we all can get into heaven, just like the thief.

{198} "The Victors Crown of Righteousness" this is the last in the present series on righteousness, to top it all we have a victors crown of righteousness given to us by God, we have a robe of righteousness , the breastplate of righteousness and now a crown of righteousness, beautiful new clothes to wear.

{199} "Guilt that Killer of Joy, Righteousness is the remedy." When God uses guilt it is to bring us to repentance; but when Satan uses it he uses it to crush us with feelings of despair and depression. a doctor once said if they found a cure for guilt it would empty all the mental homes. righteousness is the answer to guilt, believing God over Satan.

{200} "It isnt Just God that is Holy, We are Also" isn't it awesome that God not only made us righteous, but he made us Holy also like him he made us.

{201} "If Praise in Church was Oxygen, then God would die for lack of it."

my heart is saddened by the lack of true praise and worship I see God getting on a Sunday morning. It is usually at a maximum of forty minutes or less. Do Christians not realise who they are supposed to be worshipping, or are they just mostly bored. God dwells in the praises of his people, he is not there if there is little or no praise is he? Church awaken up before it is too late, and God passes you by, in the coming plans of God for this end times.

{202} "Are you worrying about your own plans or God's plans." As a christian I found myself worrying about my plans and not God's plans for my life. Most of the time I was concerned about doing things 'for God.' Not God doing things through me. In this book you may see some simularities between me and you, do what I did, repent and now have placed my eyes where they truly belong, on Jesus, not on what can I do for him.