Books 188 to

{188} "Righteousness is not self achieved, it is by God's grace alone."

This is another book showing the importance of knowing that we are righteous before God and how that Rghteousness is the step to faith and growing faith and ever more faith.

{189} "Righteousness and Salvation were Born in Hell,"} This seems to be an awful thing to say, even blasphemous sounding but read this book and see what scripture tells you and see how awesome righteousness is.

{190} "Reigning in Life in Righteousness through Jesus."

God called us to reign in this life in righteousness, This is a continuation of righteousness study as God keeps showing me more and more about Righteousness and being Righteous, You and I are supposed to Reign in this life, Are we?

{191} "Living For Righteousness." Did you know that you as a christian are supposed to be living for Righteousness, there is so much in Righteousness that it blows my mind and I was amazed to discover the scripture that is in this book called me to "live For Righteousness," and it involved sins forgiven and healing.
I am astonded at the wealth of treasure there is in Righteousness and I have two more books to write on it, and will put them up when I write them.

{193}  "Righteousness, Its use in the armour of God."  Christians today think they have to put on the armour of God every time there is trouble around, and the truth is they are to keep on 'the armour of God,' not their own armour, Christians don't have their own armour, they must put on God's own armour, and that armour is covered first by the robe of righteousness, and on their chests is the breastplate of  " Righteousness"   I am saddened to see that there is little or no teachings about righteousness and its multible uses in the bible, and this is the 13th book that I have written and still the lord keeps revealing to me more things in reference to righteousness, and I will write until told to stop. 'Glory to our loving God'

{194} "Seek you first the kingdom of God and his righteousness." scripture tells us to seek "first" the kingdom of God- and his righteousness. in this series of righteousness the Holy Spirit is again showing me the awesome gift that righteousness Is. As stated in my other books salvation and rightness are one entity, you cannot seperate them from each other. LEARN EVEN MORE ON RIGHTEOUSNESS YOU WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN.