books 175-

{175} "There's power in the Blood." There's power in the blood of Jesus. Christians declare that they overcome by the 'word of their testimony' and by the 'blood of the lamb,' but they leave out an ingrediant that makes the word of God work

{179} "Never agree with the Satan the devil or with anyone who contradicts the word of God." At a meeting a lady in the healing ministry contradicted me and said she teaches people to agree with Satan, when he tells them they're no good, and she believes this disarms him, Not according to Jesus and God's word it doesn't.

{180} "It was a happy day for him-God!" the day God created you it was a happy day for him, he was singing away to his hearts content, see why he sang.

{181} " Tithes and Offerings in Righteousness." Christians do not realise that when they offer "Tithes and Offerings to God," it must be done in Righteousness, otherwise they count for nothing and may even bring with it a curse, check this book out with your Bible beside you and see where God demands that we give our offerings In Righteousness. The more I read and study on righteousness the more I am blown away by how important this is to God and us.

{183} "Are Your Prayers Having Any Effect?" are you praying with power or are your prayers not being answered. Find out why some peoples prayers are not being answered, there is tremendous power in the Righteous man prayer.

{184} "Healing Depression Through Righteousness." Many people suffer from depression. A physciarist said one time, "if anyone found a cure for guilt, they would empty the mental hospitals;" well I have a cure for depressionand guilt, and it is called 'Righteousness' and was given to all God's children when they became born again. depression is one of Satan's weapons he uses against the children of God. but Righteousness defeats that, find out how, and then share with someone depressed. Guilt causes depression, righteousness cures it.