Books 163-174

{163} "Offer to God the sacrifice of Praise." Have you ever wished for a miracle working healing ministry or any other supernatural ministry from God? then what time and effort are you prepared to sacrifiec to see that ministry come into being,

{165} "Book three of the Trilogy, The Name of Jesus in action." Read the continuing book on the power and authority in the titles and name of Jesus, these titles will help you understand the person behind them as you minister to others in his name Jesus, combine the three books together and print them out and pray over the scriptures for miracle working power in the name of Jesus to manifest in your life.

{166} "Healing the Inner man / woman. there are dark areas of our lives that need healing areas of the soul {mind} and this little book offers you a way to have those areas healed or if your in a healing ministry or pray with people then this book will help your ministry grow in the grace of God.

{167} "What makes your religion different from any other." Other religions are struggling to get into heaven through either their religion or by what they do in this life. The Christian is dead already and is in heaven already, they are starting from a point of being in heaven allready whilst still living on this earth in the body. the Joy of knowing you are already in heaven is wonderful, what an amazing God we serve.

{168} "Why are you worried about things that happen?" God tells us that every day of our lives are recorded in his book even before they happen. Think about this if God knows every day, then he knows whats going to happen every day and he knows our reactions, and it is our reactions that define us as children of God or not.

{169} "Declaring the Joy of the lord in your life" Many Christians are like I have been, feelings of sadness, deadness and some feeling depressed, the lord wants to heal those things permantely. Follow the written word of God and you, like me, you will experience a new found joy in your life.

{170} "From Bitter to Better." bitterness destroys lives and the life it is destroying is yours.

{171} "Love never fails" it is us who fail love! the Holy Spirit has shown me a simple exercise to grow more and more in love with a little bit of effort and daily practice. ten weekly seperate lessons to grow in love. What is ten weeks out of a life? and the benefits are heavenly. Every Christian needs to do what this book says, then we would see the Christians explode with miracle wonder working power

{173} " Behold! God is your father! " "What does that make you?" Christians are unaware of their true identity, they find it so hard to believe the word of God, yet God says, "I have made you Gods," and that scares them, they automatically think thats blasphemy, but those are the words of Jesus himself regarding us his brothers and sisters. I only write what the word of God says regarding our true nature.