Books 133 to- 143

{134} "Suffering for Jesus? Lies all lies!" The devil has decieved christians into thinking they are suffering for Jesus, this is lies all lies

{135} How do I know what God wants of me? How do I hear him." many people ask me how do I know when God is speaking to me and how do I know what God wants from me, hopefully this little booklet will give you some answers.

{136} "Doing the works of Jesus." did you know that you were supposed to do the works of Jesus, that he left you a work to do and he says you better be doing it!

{137} "Does God know the future?" For I know the plans I have for you says the lord, ploans for good to give you a future and a hope, yes God knows the future. But does he know mine, read and see for yourself.

{138} 'All authority has been given to Jesus; He then gave that authority over to us!' Did you know that you have the very same authority that Jesus had, because you and he are now one person as far as God is concerned, the devil flees at the sight of you when you know this truth.

{139} "Casting out Demons and evil spirits, how difficult is it?'" Christians think that they have to shout and perform loud actions before demons or evil spirits leave, this is not scriptural, If you know who is in you and whom you are, they will flee at the very sight of you, never mind casting them out.

{140} 'Since future victory is sure, why are you and I worrying about anything?" did you know your supposed to have victroy in everything since it has been declared so by God? Or are you still struggling with satan.

{141} " Why Loud Praise at a Healing Service?" or worship service, some people complained that people were praising God to loud and it was just people shouting, read these scriptures and see if God wants loud praise or quiet praise at a healing or worship service.

{142} Having Chosen "us." read this scripture and see how many times God refears to "us' and what he has done for us, its awesome to think God thinks like this about "us" and awesome to realise how much he has given "us"