Miracle Teaching E books

welcome to my latest books I hope you find these books helpfull to you in your walk with christ

books 110 to

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{110} Backsliders! Are they still saved?" I believe that most backsliders are only backslidden fro a church and still matain a relationship with God, many reasons are given why people "backslide"??

{111} "The Blessings of Trials and temptations." Christians believe that going through trials and temptations is a bad thing and has to be rebuked, and they have to stand their ground against Satan , Not always true read the blessings that you recieve when you go through trials and temptations and I mean when you go through them,

{112} "God is not interested in your sins or past; But he is interested in "you"- "your present and your future."
Read why God is not interested in your sins, or past.

{113} "Do you think God may be right in what he says about us? Or do you think he got it all wrong!" God says things about you and acknowledging those things make your Faith grow effective. Read the next book to and pring it out and acknowledge before God that he is right in what he says about you.

{114} "The Acknowledgements of every good thing that is in you, in christ Jesus!" This book is the follow up to book 113, print this out and acknowledge every day giving thanks to God for all he done for you now that you are his.

{115} "How to retain your healing after being healed by God!" Where you healed when someone prayed over you, then next day or a few days later the illness or pain came back again, and you said, "I thought God healed me?" He did,- but the devil stole it from you again. Learn how to retain {keep} your healing after God healed you.

{116} "The Gifts of the Holy Spirit." Learn how to recieve the gifts of the Holy Spirit when you are being prayed over for the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Did you know you actually recieved every single gift and power for doing God's will? read the truth of God's gifts, be amazed at what God does for you because he loves you!

{117} "Does God want the Christian suffering, disease,sickness or pain?"

Of course God does not want anyone suffering sickness, dieseas or pain, he is your Heavenly Father. Would you give your child some terrible disease? I doubt it, why then would you think a loving Father would give his children diseases.

{118} "Theres holes in your armour."   Many Christians think that they have the armour of God on, yet they get up each day and put it on! When did they take it off? Christians have so many holes in their armour that it leaks like a sieve, ignorance of the word of God leaves the Christian virtually without any armour on, see in this book for yourself and see if you have holes in your armour.

{119} "The thief comes to steal kill and destroy." Satan is the thief who comes to steal the good news away from you, he comes to steal your health, and he uses others to spread his lies.