book 306

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BOOK 306--COME bACK TO THE WELL-----Have you grown tired from all that is happening with you, have you dried up seeking things that you have forgotten, and seeking after other things like I have? I have been seeking after healings and miracles for a long time now and I am seeing the lord do those things day after day, till the other day when I felt the lord say to me to ‘’Come back to the well!’’ ‘’come back to when I first met with Jesus,’’ oh my, how I loved Jesus.

Book 307 ''The miracles I have seen performed through me are not of my doing, but God the fathers doing, as these things were planned by him millions of years ago. ‘He’ decided, that on a particular day in my lifetime he would perform a certain miracle through me, for the benefit of one of his children needing his help, and I was fortunate to be the one chosen to be the source of his power and authority.
There is not one healing or miracle that I could proudly proclaim as of my doing. Every miracle performed is by the ‘’Name of Jesus’’ and ordained by the power of the ‘’Holy Spirit.’’ You can do the same as me for I did what Jesus said I would do, miracles in his name,

BOOK 308-''Holding up Holy Hands'' or ''Lift up your hands in holiness and bless the lord.''
For years I had been going to the Charismatic renewal and in all those years I sang a song called, ‘’lift up your hands in holiness and bless the lord,’’ some of you may remember this song. But in all these years, and after when I started going to born again churches, I still lifted up my hands, but never gave it any thought for this was what I learned to do all those years ago, and in all these years I never ever heard a sermon on why we ‘’need to lift up holy hands’’ and I say ‘’need to,’’ and are ‘’told to by God.’’ In this book you will find out why the church is loosing a blessing.

Book 309''--My people ‘’perish’’ {are destroyed} through lack of knowledge

At a meeting one night a group of friends said they don’t believe in healing; some suggested it was not the will of God to heal everyone. For they said great people of faith died believing that God healed them; to me this is a conundrum because Jesus died to bring us ‘’forgiveness of sins and also healing,’’ and you cannot separate the things Jesus done for us for they are part of the divine work he was sent to do. They are of his nature, they are of him. For scripture tells us that ‘’he took ‘our’ sins, sickness and diseases’’ that’s ‘ours,’ so ‘’who is the ‘’our’’ that scripture talks about? That is {y’our’s} and mine but through unbelief and very bad teaching these people don’t understand that healing belongs to them, and to everyone

Book 310---Bare arse theology, -----in my city we have a saying, ‘’you can’t take the knickers off a bare arse,’’ meaning if you have debt collectors calling and you have no money, don’t worry about it for they ‘can’t take the knickers of a bare arse’, if you have no money they can’t take it off of you.-----Prosperity is a part and parcel of the full gospel, it is not a separate theology, and it is a part of what Jesus shared with us the believer. For when you ‘’seek first the kingdom of God’’ ‘’all these things shall be added on to you.’’{Prosperity healing miracles signs and wonders and much more} Now many believe that the gospel ends at salvation, but the gospel is anything that God shared with you and is in his word in the ‘New Testament’. and those who don't believe the word are living in what I call bare arse theology having nothing to offer the body.

Book 311- ''Angels answer your words to God''-----In the following scripture you will see something very interesting the angel speaks to Daniel and he says to him; thy ‘’words’’ were heard, and I am come for thy ‘’words.’’. I thought that God hears our prayers now I know he just hears faith filled ''words''--Daniel-10-12 Then said he unto me, Fear not, Daniel: for from the first day that thou didst set thine heart to understand, and to chasten thyself before thy God, thy ‘’words’’ were heard, and I am come for thy ‘’words.’’

B00k 312, ''All power and authority has been given unto ‘’me’’ and ‘’I give it to you’’----Jesus made this statement, when he said ‘’all authority’’ in heaven and on earth has been given to me. When he said ‘’all authority’’ he meant ‘’all’’ ‘’authority over ‘’all’’ life on earth,’’ over every man and woman and child, demons and spirits and Satan himself, ‘’all authority’’ is his, and he in turn gave it to his church but how many exercise that authority?

Book 313, ''An Embellished story- Lucifers downfall.''---''An embellished story''

God was having a yarn with Jesus his Son and the Holy Spirit, as they were playing with a jigsaw puzzle, and this is what he said, ''let us make a man, someone like ourselves, 'Holy like us in every way,' a spirit sinless being; what do you think about this?'' So Jesus and the Holy Spirit had a deep discussion with the father about this subject. this is not a true story but it could well have been one;