{253} "God says; "My words in your mouth are the same as My words in My mouth." New-International-Version-1-Corinthians-2:12-14 -this is what we speak, not in words taught us by human wisdom but in words taught by the Spirit, explaining spiritual realities with Spirit-taught words.. If God says I will make you rich what should you say? ‘God is making me rich.’ If God says ‘overwhelming victory is yours through Christ Jesus,’ what should you say, ‘I have over whelming victory through Christ Jesus,’ you agree with God’s own personal word and speak out his word and this is equal to God speaking those same words out of his mouth;

{254} " You didn't get your prayers answered because "you" gave up." People blame God for not answering their prayers, oir they say it might not be his will, or they make some other excuse like it might not be good for you. "Jesus said to keep praying until the answer comes!" who knows more about prayer Jesus or you? so if he says don't give up what should you never do? Give up. Take him at his word and your prayers will be answered always, if you don't give up. Stop blaming God for something you do.

{255} "Thoughts and words the difference between them, the power of the double edged sword in the armor of God." this may sound like two books but it is not not it shows the doubled edged sword in use in the word. When you come against the enemy using the word knowing it is a weapon, it is a living sword, a double edged sword, it cuts either way, the blade is sharp on both sides, that weapon has great power. You have to teach yourself that the word of God is a living double edged sword as well as being God’s word; God does not think like us, and spiritual things are not the same in this world as they are in the kingdom of God. We see the bible as a book, God sees the bible as a living sword, a double edged sword able to cut either way, no matter which way the enemy comes at you.

{256} "Think and speak what God says about you." I find it so sad to see so many Christians speaking negative things about themselves, they say, they are unworthy, no good , just a waste of space, I'm not worth anything, I can't do this or that, and that is not is what God says about them. He says they are his very own children, and much more, If God says you are his child what does that really make you? There is not one negative scripture in the entire Bible, so if God does not speak about you negatively then don't you either, speak what he says to speak, don't speak what the devil would have you speak.

[257} "Mary is not the mediator between God and men.".......Now I am going to say something that may offend religious people, who believe that only Mary can get them into heaven. Mary herself said she can’t do this, only her Son Jesus can do this. She told the people to ask her son into their hearts so they can receive the gift of eternal life through him. Mary is not the mediator between God and men, there is only one mediator the man Jesus Christ, he was the one who sacrificed himself for our sins. Mary did not die to pay for our sins; Jesus did this so that we can have easy access to heaven through accepting his gift of forgiveness.

{258} "Let us practice loving each other".....I would call this the first stage of practicing loving; we do what we don’t want to because we love Jesus and want to please him, he is more important than our grievances’ against the other person and so we put on a front, a false smile, and a nice little ‘hullo’ as we hurry past them, getting away from them as soon as possible, then we stop and let our face drop and relax that false smile, and then....