book 232-

 {232} "Do animals have a soul? Do animals go to heaven?" This is a strange subject for me to write about, I never gave it any thought before until I read these scriptures, then I realised that God cares about everything he created, and cares for those who had pets that died, his love is extravagant indeed.

{233} " God must be a liar because Christians believe the devil over God's word." Sad to say many Christians believe what the enemy tells them, they listen to him and his demonic hoard and don't listen to what God says about them in his word.

{234} "Healing of the garbage that has been laid on you" & "killing the deep hatred inside you"

people have abused others through verbal dioreagh words that have come out of their mouths that have had a devestating effect on you, learn what to do with that and how to send those rotten garbage words back to where they belong, also there is healing from that deep hatred that you the christian could not get rid of. Everyone christian and non christain can do this.


Does my car look like it represents the king of heaven?

Is this the vehicle an ambassador for Christ would be seen in?

Do my finances reflect his overabundance of wealth to me?

Does my health reflect that Jesus took my sickness and bore all my diseases? 

Read this book as its titles explain what the book is about.

{236} " A new look at the Beatitudes from God’s perspective" “The sermon on the Mount”

The Sermon on the Mount was a positive message from Jesus talking about the many blessing that belongs to us because we belong to him. He says we will have a great reward in heaven, and that we are being blessed at every turn, because he loves us.

{237} "Are you saved or not saved, that is the question?" what do you mean by being saved? saved is not a religious thing, read it, it's simple to understand.

{238} " You will get whatever you ask for." Thats is a promise that Jesus gave, and we have never seriously believed him, now it is time to get what so ever you desire, and know that God wants you to get it.

{239} "Returning the Word of God back to him." The lord has given me many prophecies and they are all beginning to come together and I believe are ready to happen in this world, have you had a prophetic message from God, then return that word with faith.;

{240} "Return your sickness to where it belongs" Christians and non Christians believe that sickness and disease comes from God,or is the will of God for them in their lives, this is a downright lie told to you by Satan your greatest enemy who plans to kill you, steal your health, and destroy your belief in loving Father God who sent his son to take away your sins and sickness and diseases. read more and get rid of sickness once and for all.

{241} Baptised in the 'Holy Spirit.' and with "FIRE" ....Christians preach you need to be baptised in the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues and receive the gifts of the holy spirit, but they never or rarely preach that the Christian also need to be baptised in Fire, so they lay hands on people to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit but they leave out ‘and’ with ‘Fire;’